Costco Distribution Center in Sumner

4000 A 142nd Ave E

M, W, F

9am to 12pm

Find the online schedule here

This site w/120-employees only has vending machines, they recently removed the cafe.  Distribution trucks are constantly coming through this site and will also order. Warehouses and Swift Trucking are next door and will be notified of the food truck program. Vendors have authorized access to the Costco restroom, find the restroom agreement below.  Vendors must have a Pierce County health permit and  add the City of Sumner  as an endorsed city to your state business license. You must also email in your COI adding Costco as the additionally insured at the following address:

4000 A 142nd Ave E in Sumner, WA 98340


Your on-site point of contact is:

Jennifer Lewis at 253-826-7921


(If you need to alter your vending to a later start time of 10am, you can change this in the BFT app.)


Restroom agreement page 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB