Everett - Boeing

Vendors are required to:

  • Have a Snohomish Health District annual operating permit, (for those coming from King County, it is taking approx 7-weeks for permit approvals from Snohomish County.)

  • Everett city business license (license ap found here),

  • Everett Fire annual operator permit,

  • Follow our lot terms and conditions.

  • Use only compostable serviceware.

  • Email us your COI w/additionally insured stated as:

    • Best Food Trucks at 2550 3rd Ave, #620, Seattle WA 98121

Security Badge Info: You must first have your Boeing badge in order to access the facility. Contact us for the proper form and instructions.  Once completed, please send all badging forms to:  chelsey@bestfoodtrucks.org

Badge appeals hotline number is 888-335-8183

·         All fields highlighted in yellow must be completed including signatures on page 3 & 5. (*Note only pages 3-5 need to be returned to Boeing) Regarding the start date. just enter today’s date.

·         All forms must be signed pen-to-paper (not electronically) and then returned electronically to lori@bestfoodtrucks.com. No .JPG/photos of forms can be accepted. Once you receive notification that your background screening has been approved, please go to the Everett Badging Office to receive your badge:

Boeing Badge Room 40-402 Everett, WA 98203

Hours: M-F 5:45 a.m. - 3:00 pm Phone: 425-266-1470

**Boeing requires everyone to wear an Identification Badge while on company premises. Badges must always be visible and positioned with photo facing out. BRING Proof of Citizenship- Passport OR birth certificate or enhanced driver’s license are required at the time of badging. Original birth certificate or certified copy of birth certificate.

Location booking policy: (slower locations currently include 7,8 and all dinners)

Tier 1: 6 shifts or more of slower locations a month gets you 1st priority bookings.
Tier 2: 4 shifts or more of slower locations a month gets you 2nd choice bookings. Tier 3: Anything less then 4 slower shifts will make you have last choice of spots when booking.

There are 6 premium locations with different filters to ensure variety at all locations. (All locations have cuisine filters to ensure that the same cuisine can not book more than twice a week at any location.) That means if a BBQ truck books location 1 on a Monday, Another BBQ truck will not be able to book until Thursday.

LOCATION RESTRICTIONS (how often you can book a location):

Location 1- Once every 11 days.

Location 2- Once every 8 days

Location 3- Once every 10 days

Location 4- Once every 11 days

Location 5- Once every 9 days

Location 9- Once every 9 days

Please call Matt at 310-666-9950 if you have questions beforehand.

If you’ve never booked online before here’s a video tutorial of how to do it from the BFT app: https://youtu.be/VsW9KCvvIVA. If you are trying to book and you get an error please read the box closely because it will usually let you know exactly what the conflict is.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel within 10 days of a (slower) shift or 7 days of any other shift there is an additional $30 cancellation fee. Exceptions are made for emergency situations.

Location Info:

IF you cannot make your scheduled shift for any reason, please notify us immediately at: 323-612-1438 IF you cannot park in your designated area for some reason, please notify Boeing Security at: 206-655-8800

Please see the exact parking / location Map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?mid=1XOfTbGCKOB6_OlfQSaOMjbysbWsHvNSt&ll=47.92020838839669%2C-122.29151250000001&z=13

In terms of sales, Locations 1, 4, 5, and 9 are the ones you want to prep for high volume. Location 5's current online order record is 45 in a single shift, Location 9 (BOMARC) record is 36 online orders. Come prepared.

Location 1 (current average customers to prep for is 100)

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/62xKCJF3F13M1Eq48

Hours: 9:30-12pm

Badge: Yes

Location 2 (current average customers to prep for is 80)

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Sc3ZyT7JH8jTvrFK9

Hours: 9:30-12pm

Badge: Yes

Notes: Look for the blue tent, put service window facing the tent

Location 3

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/qZYEdADM9X5Eqy3g8

Hours: 9:30-12pm

Badge: Yes

Notes: Look for the orange cones / food truck parking.

Location 4

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/FBVF6RfjFhnA42N78

Hours: 9:30-12pm

Badge: Yes

Notes: Look for the blue tent and blocked off food truck parking. Service window facing the building.

Ready to vend / online ordering available 9:30 SHARP.

Location 5 (40-88)

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/zqizNCFH5rXrrbuz6

Hours: 10:30am-2pm

Badge: no (no for bathroom)

Restrooms: inside visitor lobby

Additional Vehicles: available, but go inside visitor lobby and ask for a yellow parking pass and say you're with the food truck.

Service window: facing the sidewalk

Notes: You can enter through Seaway Blvd. and turn right into the Lobby Parking. Look for the red bus zone as this pin describes.

Location 8 (EMC)

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/JBup9teDSFpttjAD8

Hours: 9:30am-12pm

Badge: Not required (yes for bathroom access)

Restrooms: right inside door, go inside, take left, up stairs

Tent: no

Large Trailer: Yes

Notes: Look for the white delineators, park inside, service window facing AWAY from the building.

Service Window: Facing away from the road

Location 9 (BOMARC) (1st/2nd)

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/PqhuQPwQD1Yq8r6K8

Hours: 10:30am-2pm

Badge: Not required (yes for bathroom)

Additional Parking: available but busy, as a backup use across the street farther away from Bomarc.

Service Window: Facing away from the road

Restrooms: inside and to the right

Large Trailer: Yes

Tent: Yes

Location 10 (40-02) (1st) Currently suspended

Exact Location / Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/7B7uibNBmgaCCVL57 (enter Boeing first through the normal day gate then use directions here otherwise you might get routed through the wrong gate)

Hours: 9:30am-12pm

Badge: Yes

Additional Parking: difficult, maybe S2

Large Trailer: NO

Restrooms: Find door S2 (not the one right near the truck), go inside, use eyewear and follow the pedestrian path first right after the LSCC sign. No sandals, pay attention to dress code.


Truck Entrance Gate (E-70, see image below): All Food Trucks must pass through inspection through this gate to gain access to the Boeing site. **Please plan to spend a minimum of 30 min. to get through the security gate.  Directions: From Interstate 5 North OF SEATTLE or South OF VANCOUVER, BC, take Exit 189 and head west on Highway 526. Enter off 526 on the Boeing Receiving Road and follow to the E70 Entrance Gate (Off perimeter Rd.)

Basic Safety Rules:

Please follow all traffic regulations, posted speed limits (15 mph is strictly enforced) and signage

Beware of pedestrian and other vehicle traffic (pedestrians have right-away)

Stay out of material handling lanes (lanes closest to the building when driving around the factory)

Follow all parking requirements and signage

Do not block or impede access to fire protection equipment and building exits

Report all safety concerns as soon as possible

NO photos and NO entrance to restricted areas are allowed.

Trash shall be stored in leak-proof containers under cover or with a lid that remains closed unless adding or removing material. Do not keep uncovered items outside of vending unit (including utencils, napkins, condiments, etc.)  

On-Site Emergency #: (206) 655-2222

Everett Health & Safety #: (425) 717-5608

On-Site Activity Rep: Wendy Alexander at 425-210-8630

Boeing Security Dispatch Office: 206-655-8800

Boeing Fire Department Dispatch Office: 206-655-8800

Some important things to note about serving on the Boeing site

Every person must wear a badge and it must be prominently displayed at all times

                A ) Temporary badges- must have a full-time escort by Boeing employee or approved EP

                B) Permanent Boeing Secure badge- Employee must provide proof of citizenship to obtain badge

Absolutely NO photography of any kind while on the Boeing site. Employee will be asked to delete all photos and permanently banned from the Boeing site

Cell phone or electronic device use is not permitted while walking or operating vehicles or equipment.

Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited on Boeing property including parking lots. 

Shift-1 Location images / Population Data

Location 1:  1,456 people (40-56)

Location 2:  772 people (40-58, 81); 1,036 (40-82-86);  5,909 (40-87,88)

Location 3:  1,795 people (40-25,26)

Location 4:  3,196 people (40-22,23,24)

Shift-2 Location / Population Data, Shift 2

Location 1A:  544 people (40-56,58)

Location 4:  1,129 people (40-22,23,24)


Food truck employee parking:

Employee parking first shift.png
employee parking second shift.png