Everett Concert Series - Music at the Marina


Port Gardner Landing, 1700 W. Marine View Dr. 

A very popular summer concert series on the waterfront needs food trucks.

 Thursday nights draw the biggest crowds- 600+. Saturday nights draw 300+

There are two requests of participating food trucks:

1. Any food truck who gets a Thursday night spot is also required to take a Saturday night spot.

2. We ask food truck vendors to provide meals for the bands and 2-sound engineers. We have two bands, Bochinche and Eldridge Gravy, who have 14- musicians on stage. Those nights would be 16- total meals donated, but they also draw huge crowds. (It is most often 5 or 6 band members and 2-sound engineers.)


Other info:

Vendors must have COI for: Port of Everett - 1700 W Marine View Drive

Power is available but limited to one food truck. 

One food truck can book on Thursdays and Saturdays.

More concert date and band info can be found here.  Snohomish County permit info here.

The city will set up parking barricades in the parking lot just to the East of the Inn at Port Gardner and on the South of the pocket park.  Food trucks should be in place and ready to serve the band by 5 pm.  

Point of Contact: Thursdays: Lisa Newland 425-876-8164 and

Saturdays: Delaney Morris 425-238-2565 OR 425-583-7422.