Everett’s Right-of-Way Food Truck Street Vending Program

If you would like to vend "on the street" in downtown Everett, this new permit program will begin in ____ with an expected launch date of ________. The initial service times will be 11am to 2pm on _____ & _____.

Site Locations:

Location 1. 2825 Colby Ave (centrally located, next door to Union Bank, 1- truck per lunch service.) Truck length requirement of ____ feet long, See parking image below.

Hewitt parking.png

Location 2. 2722-2798 Wetmore Ave (west side of street, adjacent to plaza - next to Funko, 1-block South of the new Farmer’s Market location.) Truck or trailer length of ________.


Location 3. Pending final approval - Snohomish County Courthouse Plaza at 47°58'39.9"N 122°12'20.7"W (intersection of Wall & Rockefeller.)


Location 4. TBD

Vendor Requirements:

(Booking for the City of Everett’s ROW is on a first-come-first-served basis; a food truck vendor may only occupy one location per day.)

  1. City of Everett business license (apply here).

  2. Proof of Snohomish County health permit and Labor & Industry’s insignia.

  3. Email us your Certificate of Insurance - add on the additionally insured as:

    City of Everett at 2930 Wetmore Avenue

    Everett, WA 98201

  4. Email us your truck or trailer length (some sites have size limitations.)

  5. Must meet City of Everett’s fire code and have a (no fee) permit: Please find the form here.

  6. Sign into your Best Food Trucks account for booking site location times and details. We can email you all the instructions for getting started with the app.

Program Information and Conditions:

  • All vendors must follow the City of Everett’s Right-of-Way Best Practices:

    • Vendors must keep the public ROW free of obstructions that impede free use of sidewalks by pedestrians and provide a minimum of a 5-foot wide clear pedestrian path by the Food Truck and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act for pedestrian access.

    • Vendor shall provide and maintain a private waste receptacle near the food truck and keep the public ROW free of litter & drink or food waste.

    • Vendors shall return the right-of-way to the same condition they found it, and shall remove any garbage or equipment they bring in. Applicant shall dispose of their own garbage, recycling and any other food waste product as required by the Health Department.

    • In an effort to be responsible stewards of Everett’s natural environment, vendors have eliminated single-use plastics and will provide recyclable, compostable and biodegradable disposables that include glass, bamboo, paper and other “green” products.

    • Food trucks must be parked at least 15-feet from any fire hydrant, and 5-feet away from any driveway, sidewalk, utility box or vault, handicapped ramp, building entrance or exit or emergency call box. Food Trucks shall be parked a maximum of 12 inches from the curb.

    • Be a “Good Neighbor”; promote local businesses that you locate near: when you post your location on Facebook and Twitter, include a link to nearby retailers and/or coffee shops

    • Customers, residents, local business owners may make public comment on this pilot program here:

  • All vendors must follow the location terms and conditions here.