Do you have hungry tenants, employees, or manage a property in need of food trucks? We can manage it for you...

This service is free to you! Here’s how it works:

We can book and schedule food truck(s) up to seven-days a week, at varying times of the day, depending on your needs and the availability of trucks in your area.

We will manage and promote the trucks for your location via emails with your administration contact, social media, and the public will have access to our online lot calendar.

We will confirm that vendors are properly permitted, licensed, insured, and following all of the state and local laws regarding mobile food vending.

We take care of the entire scheduling process and can rotate the trucks to provide a wide variety.

Some of our current locations include: Boeing , the SeaTac Office Center, South & North Seattle College, Space Needle Park, and the Seattle Design Center.

Why have us manage your location?

  • Finding high quality food trucks, assuring that they are properly vetted, maintaining an online calendar and booking system, rescheduling and finding last-minute substitute vendors, fixing permitting and licensing problems, adjusting the type, cost, and time of service, marketing via social media, press release and local flyers, and insuring a rotation of great food vendors takes a lot of work.  We do this, so you don’t have to. 

  • We can offer the exclusive “order ahead” technology allowing customers to see the truck menus online and place an order from their phone or computer, skipping the line outside, and just waiting to receive a text message when the order is ready for pick up. See a quick video on how this works.

  • There are a few businesses, some local and some national, that manage food truck pod/lots in our state, and generally we support any effort to increase the number of quality vending locations.  However, some of these companies exist solely to take advantage of food truck operators buy charging excessive booking fees and/or forcing vendors to sign very restrictive non-compete agreements. 

  • The Washington State Food Truck Association charges a very minimal booking fee, usually less than a third of what these other pod/lot management companies are charging.  Our mission is to promote, grow, and protect the food truck industry. The booking fees collected by the association are used to fund our numerous state and local advocacy projects.  The other pod/lot management companies are simply interested in fee revenue and have no interest in helping these local small business owners. 

  • Food trucks, like other food service businesses, often operate on very thin margins, which makes them very sensitive to even the smallest costs and fees.  Some food trucks will refuse to vend at locations where they feel they are simply being used or exploited.  Having the wrong pod/lot management company handle the bookings at your location could result in a very limited number of food trucks willing to serve at the location and could result in the cost of food being raised to offset unreasonably high booking fees.  

  • Something else that’s unique to the way we manage our food truck pod/lots is the way we track and monitor each vending location and each vendor.  We collect ticket sales information from each vendor, each day.  This information allows us to see which trucks are doing better than others, and why.  It allows us to determine if the location needs an additional truck, or different kinds of trucks.  We welcome and encourage feedback from customers and venue hosts regarding food options, pricing, optimal vending times, etc….  Our goal is to maximize the success of the location for the customers and for the vendors.  

  • Sometimes issues can arise with local government regarding permitting, fire code, proximity to restrooms, etc….  We work with state and local government officials every day regarding these issues and we are very well qualified and prepared to help resolve them.  Other pod/lot management companies, some of whom are not even based in WA, often have little understanding of state and local regulations, much less ways to resolve these issues.  How do we know this?  Because they usually call us for help.   

  • Vendors who participate at our managed locations, are required to follow specific terms & conditions found here.

And a very important point! 

Your decision to work with the Washington State Food Truck Association will show that you support our state food truck industry and that you care about these amazing local small business owners.