Lot Management Program

Do you have hungry tenants, employees, students, or manage a venue or property in need of food trucks?  We can manage a schedule of reliable and reputable food trucks at no cost for you... 

How it Works:

  • We can book and schedule food truck(s) seven-days a week, at varying times of the day, depending on your needs, and the availability of trucks in your area.
  • We will manage and promote the trucks for your lot or venue, if needed, through social media and the public will have access to our online pod/lot calendar.
  • We will confirm the vendors are properly permitted for fire and health and licensed per each individual municipality and or jurisdiction requirements and following all of the rules and regulations.
  • We take care of the entire scheduling process and can rotate the trucks to give you a variety.

If you are interested in this free service, just email us with your request and we can schedule a phone call to discuss your needs.


Current Lot/Pod locations can be found here


Food trucks interested in participating in a managed lot, please contact us for details.

Food trucks participating in this program must follow the terms and conditions.