Marymoor Park Athletic Fields

6046 West Lake Sammamish Parkway NE

Tournaments take place all week long during summer.

Check online food truck schedule here.

Vendors must have King County health permit and first provide a COI stating the additionally insured as: King County Parks - 201 S. Jackson Street, Suite 700, Seattle, WA 98104-3855. You are also required to email to us a screenshot of your POS at end of service showing your gross sales.

If your business is located outside of Redmond AND you will gross less than $2000.00 in Redmond, registering for a Redmond Business License is still required but will be exempt from the license fee. Apply here:

Vendors must provide a trash receptacle and leave NO TRASH behind AND use COMPOSTABLE cutlery and other items. All vendors, via our KC Parks agreement are required to pay the Association the parks fee, which is equal to ten percent (10%) of your gross sales that are over $300.00. 8-9 Athletic fields are used weekdays with the best vending time to be 5 to 9pm, Saturdays best time is from noon to 8pm and Sundays are best from 2 to 5pm, however you can arrive and leave any times and can indicate this when you book in the BFT app. The food truck program is a replacement for the Subway that no longer operates there. Food trucks will park next to Lot K, in driveway seen in image above. (There is a roaming ice cream vendor on weekends.)

Special tournament dates are available on:

Seattle Elite - Firecracker: 07/5, 07/06, 07/07

Sports Forum - Super Series 1: 07/13, 07/14, 07/15

America Scores Soccer - 07/20, 07/21

CBRE Company: 07/25

Sports Forum - Super Series 2: 07/26, 07/27, 07/28, 07/29, 07/30

Flag Football & Soccer Tournament - 08/24, 08/25

CBRE CO Tournament: 09/12