Best Food Trucks (and Order Ahead)

More than just a booking App, we are a full-service booking and marketing company for mobile vendors across the country. 

Costs or Hidden Fees

There are none.  That's right, ZERO!  We don’t charge customers a premium for ordering and you receive 100% of the money (minus stripe processing fees) on every order.   We simply make our money from booking fees and the more we can market trucks the stronger lots become for everyone.  The investment is worth it as we're able to grow the customer base and expand into other markets.

Free & Consistent Marketing

Every customer you serve through order ahead becomes a customer that we can then market to daily for locations you serve. They become YOUR personal subscriber.  Each morning at 10:30am, we've cut out the middle man (property managers) and now each customer receives a personalized email with your menu and the ability to order right from that email.  This is why we encourage all trucks to take some time to really beautify their menus.  GOOD PICTURES SELL.  Imagine when you shop online.  You're more likely to buy from a retailer that has professional looking images than someone that has blurry shots or none at all.  The investment will pay off, we promise!  

Free Coupons & Referrals 

When we launch a new lot, BFT offers and pays for $3-$5 coupons to be gifted to any new customer that signs up and orders online.  Again the investment is worth it because for $3 you just gained another customer that we market to every day for all trucks going to that lot.  Once the customers have an account, the morning marketing emails we send them they’re encouraged (with a $5 coupon offer that BFT pays for) to get their friends to sign up and grow the list of customers we market to. Great customer experiences quickly grow your subscriber lists so that's why it's so important. We currently send out over 12,000 menu emails a week promoting food trucks at order ahead locations. To date we've handed out over $11,000 in coupons to customers and all of that money goes straight back to you guys.

Ratings & Reviews

Good reviews and ratings can only boost your business and increase your popularity on the streets of LA.  Social media used to be the driving force behind a trucks popularity but times have changed and people aren't chasing trucks on Twitter anymore. Shortly after a customer picks up their order and finishes their meal, we text them asking them to leave a Rating (1-5 stars) and then a Review on their overall experience. As we all know, there's a number of customers that will leave a bad review or rating no matter how good their experience was and like YELP, those are pretty easy to pick out, but can inevitably hurt your business.  But unlike YELP, these reviews are NOT PUBLIC, they’re PRIVATE only for the viewing of us at BFT and for you as a business owner.  There's no better way to strengthen your brand then by listening to your customers feedback and adjusting your business accordingly.

Sales & Metrics

Everyday trucks want to know how sales are at a particular lot so now we've added the in App too to help collect that data.  We are still ironing out the feature so please be patient with it's imperfections.  It is still in the Beta phase but should be streamlined very soon.  On the BFT side we have a dashboard called "LOT HEALTH" that our staff monitors daily.  Because of the technology platform, we're able to collect and log the following lot data:

Shift Start Time - keeps track of trucks that are early, on time or constantly lateShift End Time - lets us know if a truck left early from a shiftOnline Order Sales - tracks ticket count, per order total and total sales for the dayOnline Order Received - tracks the time an order was receivedOnline Order Accepted - tracks the time an order was accepted and how long it tookOnline Order Ready - tracks the time an order was marked ready and how long it tookOnline Order Completed - tracks the time an order was picked up Walk Up Sales - after shift trucks enter walk up ticket count and walk up total salesMenu Items - tracks exactly what and how many of each menu item orderedCancelled Orders - tracks any orders cancelledStar Rating - tracks ratings 1-5 from each customer orderReviews - allows customers to write about their experienceCoupons - tracks the dollar amount of coupons paid for by BFTBooking Fee - tracks what each truck paid for the spotAt first site all of this data may seem a bit much but in the last few months, especially at very busy locations like WeWork, we're able to now have a better understanding of each location and the knowledge will only grow. What customers at each location like, what they don't like, who works best there, where BFT can improve, where trucks can improve, etc.  The proof is in the numbers and the analytics behind those numbers support the data.  Trucks that show up on time, complete orders in a timely manner, provide good food, are nice to customers (deserving ones ;), & pay attention to feedback are the ones that are ultimately going to succeed.

Customer Support Team

Most of you have been able to speak to or email with someone on our support team, which is led by Victoria.  This team is the backbone of operation and they work around the clock making sure every order, menu, profile or truck issue is taken care of as nicely and as fast as possible.  Trucks may not know this but every online order that comes through the system, the support team is there watching it to make sure it flows through the system until it's completed.  If trucks get slammed and are taking a long time to accept or complete orders, you may get bombarded with calls from us, but our staff is also texting the customer updates and keeping them patient & happy until their food is ready.  It's almost like each truck has their own personal online customer support employee for free.  Many customers use the system repeatedly because our customer support team is always there to help, give discounts or hand out a coupon (all paid for by BFT) if an order took too long or the food had hair in it (gross).


It's for all of these reasons above why we stress how important it is to take BFT seriously and treat online customers as you would walkup customers.  If you think about it, online customers are with you forever after their first order as opposed to walkup customers that you have no way to contact or market to after they walk away.  Ignoring online customers rather than making them a priority will only hurt business growth in the long run.  With solid truck participation we can increase our customer base and combined with positive experiences and great food we can really make every lot thrive more than ever.

Feedback or Recommendations

Introducing a new type of solution or technology into a physical operation can be confusing, frustrating and difficult to adopt.  We understand this and want everyone to know that we're trying our best to make this as simplified as possible for ALL trucks.  The last thing we want to do is interrupt your flow or tell you how to run your business.  We apologize if at times we come off bossy, but we are overly passionate about the system and from what we've explained above, we hope you can see that the system is built to help grow your business and if trucks don't communicate with us, it will be difficult to improve on the technology.  We're not on the truck so any feedback you have please share.

We are always open for comments, questions or thoughts so please email us at anytime you'd like.