BFT Order Ahead 

Download the Best Food Trucks "order ahead" app here (links for downloading on IOS and Android):  

Please fill in your payment info in order to receive payments (My Account -> Payment Settings). 



BFT will build out your menu, and if you don't have some items available that day or run out during your live shift you can remove them. Once you are at the lot and ready to start you should open the app and hit Start Shift. In the upper right corner an "86" button will appear; if you press it you will see your menu where you can deactivate items with a click of a switch.

Please provide the contact phone number (to your cell phone and/or ipad) for that shift for you to receive your order notifications.


Integrating the "Order Ahead" feature: this form goes through all we need for order ahead, menu creation, logos, and everything else, fill this out here:


The "order ahead" sound notifications can come direct to your POS and/or designated cell phones or iPad.  Here is a quick demo video of the "order ahead" feature. 



NEED TO CHANGE Text-In Number for another device:  go to "Truck Settings" on your app and fill in the new or other number you want notifications to go to.


3 TO 1 RULE: We know you have a line.  So how do you balance online orders with making sure people in line are taken care of?  The best way we've seen trucks do it is about a "3 to 1" rule, meaning, take orders from 3 people in line, then say "excuse me one second" and catch up on your online orders, confirm incoming orders and write paper tickets, then go back to the line.  Remember, every online order you take is either more business for you or someone that was going to add to your line, so the more online orders you have, the shorter your line will be.  We've tested this time and time again to success with virtually every truck we work with.  Some trucks have turned 200+ orders with half coming online with 2 people on the truck.


WHEN IT GETS BUSY: You might be inclined to pause the shift to catch up on orders.  We saw that happen before where it became a downward cycle, where the truck paused to catch up, then people online got frustrated and some (not everyone as some people went elsewhere) came down to the line and added to it, meaning the line got longer.  If you stay on top of your online orders and keep them moving quickly, your line will be shorter, guaranteed.


KEEP PENDING ORDERS TO 7 -MIN MAX:  Meaning you don't have to make the food right away, but please confirm ALL pending orders within 7 minutes of receiving, otherwise we start to get complaints from people.  You can confirm an order that will take a lot longer or you know you can't get to it yet, but please at least confirm ASAP to let them know you've received the order and will eventually make it.  The customer will receive a text letting them know their order has been received and confirmed. You can manually enter in the approx time they should expect their order to take, otherwise their is a time default that is based on your previous order times.  Don't forget to notify the customer when their order is ready for pick up but also, the very last step of  the order process, indicate to the system when the order was picked up. 


MAKING SURE YOU HEAR ORDERS COME IN: We have a loud chime when new orders come in.  If you are using square, it might be taking up the headphone jack which takes away the sound, so we also send new order notifications to the phone number we have on file for your shift.  Either way, just turn the volume up for whatever you have and you should hear a loud ding from us when new orders come in.


PAPER TICKETS: Every BFT order has an order number "BFT100" for example (101, 102, etc.).  Write the "100" on your paper ticket and the first name, as they will walk up and say something like "Online order BFT103 for Kevin".


86 / REMOVE ITEMS MID-SHIFT: If you get close to running out of something, go to the app and look for the big "86" button on the top right.  Un-check whatever you've run out of at least an order or two before, otherwise you'll have to cancel orders .  If you're in a hurry, worst case scenario just text us back and we'll do it for you.


PROBLEMS: If you experience a bug or error or the app stops confirming orders, close and restart the app (on IOS double tap your home button, swipe away the app upwards, then reopen it from your home screen).  In addition, you should be getting text messages from our phone number with new orders.  You can REPLY to these texts and we'll see them and respond extremely quickly.


GETTING PAID: We collect the money from the customer so you don't have to.  If you didn't fill out your payment info before, that's fine.  When you end your shift, we'll send you a link to fill in your payment info (or do it within the app).  The moment you end your shift and we have your payment info, we initiate an ACH transfer to your bank account or debit card.  First time takes a few business days, then quicker once you're vetted by our payment processor.


SO WHY ORDER AHEAD AGAIN? While it's convenient for customers, it's a secret weapon when it comes to marketing food trucks.  When people order from your truck, they get auto-subscribed to the email list for the lot.  So all the trucks who ordered last time from trucks will get a direct email with YOUR menu and YOUR photos.  Plus, they get a $5 credit if they forward that email photo menu to their friends and their friends order (you get paid 100% of purchase price, we subsidize the $5).  No more flyers, no more having to be within line of sight for people to know about your truck.  And the more trucks participate, the more people get the email and the more sales you'll do.


PLUS ORDER AHEAD IS FASTER: No more 60-90 seconds explaining the menu, taking the card, swiping, explaining which items you have and which you don't.  The less time you have to spend as cashier, the more time you can be prepping food.


END YOUR SHIFT: at the end of your service, please hit the "end shift" button.  (This will happen automatically after a few minutes, if you forget.) You will also manually enter in your walk up orders to get a full total for the shift.



ON YOUR COMPUTER: and click “fill in business information” on left hand side and fill in all of your information. 


Click the three lines in the upper right hand corner


Click “My Account”, Click “Payment Settings”, Click add: “Add Credit/Debit Card"

Questions or concerns:
Kevin Davis, CEO & Co-Founder

Here is an example of what the customer sees for our SeaTac lot:

After the customer has made their menu selections, they review their order, select the tip amount and enter their email and phone number to receive their receipt and a text message about the confirmation and progress of their order.

After you confirm the new incoming order, the customer receives an order number and a text that their order is in process. Each first time customer receives a $5 coupon that they can pass along to a friend or fellow employee, but you still get 100% of the menu price.