Redmond - Univar Corporation

17411 NE Union Hill Rd.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am - 1:30pm

Find the online schedule/calendar here.

Power is available. 120v outlet is available in reception.  

The Association has obtained authorization and a blanket restroom agreement for inside the building, where there are currently 250-300 employees, plus Loreal, Geo Engineers and AuduroLife next door.  Vendors who wish to participate must have annual King County health permit and need to submit COI naming Univar as additional insured with your initial schedule request.   

Point of contact is: Cindy Hogan, Facilities Coordinator at Univar: T  +1 425 889 3993

Other corporations at this location include: 

Adurolife's admin assistant: / o: 360.939.9212  

GeoEngineers - Contact: Jackie S. Weber 

Clarisonic/L’Oreal - Contact:

Park near front entrance.