The Hot Corner at T-Mobile Park

1500 1st Ave S

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays - 11am to 2pm

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Alternate Parking

Alternate Parking

Food trucks will enter this corner lot from the North East side as indicated by red arrow above, there is a double gate that is 10ft wide, off of Occidental Ave.  Call Mariner's main security to unlock gate, number is in your vending details inside the BFT app.

There are 1300-employees inside the King 5 News and Real Networks buildings in addition to all the Mariner's admin employees inside the stadium who have welcomed us here.  Security from the stadium will come over to unlock each day and return approx 2:45pm to relock.  Restrooms are in the 1518 1st Ave S. building (just next door to Henry's Tavern.)  Mariner Garage Parking is open one block East for $10/car. 

Vendors must send us a copy of

1. King County health permit

2. City of Seattle business license & fire permit,

3. provide a trash receptacle, leaving no trash behind and

4. agree to abide by our lot policy here 

The Seattle Baseball Club shall be an additional insured on the insurance policy. 

Email in to us your COI stating: The Baseball Club of Seattle, LLP d/b/a the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club at 1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 

Please see set up format below, to create a more active space with the truck parking.