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Peatos™ Classic Cheese snacks deliver a bold cheese flavor with that big crunch snacking experience we all crave, but without those empty calories. Made with real cheese and nutritionally dense Pulses (sustainable peas and lentils), Peatos™ provide finger-licking flavor with the added benefit of over twice the protein and three times the fiber of that corny cheetah.* 

Contact: 206-499-8251 


Contact: Johanna Peterson at 425-350-8528


A propane supplier offering a food truck program called Cardlock, which allows vendors to receive cards and training to facilitate filling of their own propane cylinders. Training is free of charge and then allows them to self-fill 24/7 at our locations in the Puget Sound, and at a cheaper price per gallon. 

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Contact Bill: 206-784-2628