Partner With Us Through Sponsorship

Sponsorships are a wonderful way to help support our mission of advocacy and to underwrite efforts to foster and grow the food truck industry here in Washington.  Local businesses can use this as an opportunity to give-back, receive or increase exposure to the food trucks you hope to form a relationship with and encourage goodwill.  


As of 08/01/18 our site gets 11,400 site visitors per month.

As of 01/01/18 there are approximately 1700 permitted food trucks and trailers in Washington.


Why we need you....our state industry, due to its recent growth has many real challenges.

Our current issues include: 

  • Parking prohibitions in multiple cities - current municipal codes in many cities only allow food trucks to park for special events ,  or has a limited amount of permits being issued, or no parking on public  property . 
  •  Lack of fire inspection standards and permit reciprocity - No single fire code or standard addresses all the fire protection and life safety challenges inherent in mobile food preparation and service. 
  • Unequal application of state health codes from one county to the next -  making it harder for food trucks to cross county lines and trully be "mobile". And, a lack of available seasonal county health permits for vendors who want to participate in multiple county events during the summer season.
  • High Event Fees - most event hosts are over charging food trucks to participate in special events and fairs. Food trucks are a huge draw to the general public and increase foot traffic to their venues.  We aim to protect and defend our members in educating those who organize events to the unique logistics of using food trucks versus the typical  festival street food vendor


See more of our advocacy efforts here.


Premiere Sponsorship Level 


  • 1-year of  your logo on our Home page with a link to your site.
  • 1-year of your logo/ link, and a write-up on our Sponsors page (1-paragraph).
  • Quarterly-direct email advertisement blast to all our members.  (This can include a coupon or discount to members.) 
  • Corporate banner displayed at our (January) annual member meeting (if provided), as well as logo on our annual member meeting materials. 
  • Corporate table set-up at our annual food truck festival.
  • Logo display on all festival promotions and mention of sponsor in radio announcements.
  • 1- social media (Facebook & Twitter) announcement of Sponsorship.

General Sponsorship Level


  • 1-year  of your logo on our Home page w/direct link to your site.
  • Email blast announcement to all our members.


Let us know what level of Sponsorship you are requesting and we will email an invoice back to you.