Vancouver -  Turtle Place Park

111 West 7th St.

Monday - Friday    11am to 2pm

Online Calendar of Vendors

This image below shows vendors where to access the plaza, from the SW corner.  You must enter and exit from this access point and are recommended to back in and avoid driving over the art tiles as they are fragile.

Mobile food vendors can schedule on to the calendar with proof of City of Vancouver license, Clark County health permit and proof of insurance (COI instructions below.).  Vendors are responsible for removal and proper disposal of all trash, debris and litter, and must comply with our Pod/Lot terms and conditions.  Power and water is available.  2 power outlets: at 120 volt and 2 at 220 volt.  The 4-digit code to unlock the 4 padlocks will be in your vendor booking instructions. They must be relocked by the vendor each time they leave.


COI must add on additional insured as:

C-Tran / Turtle Place Park at 111 West 7th St. Vancouver, WA  98660.

You MUST give us 48-hours or more notice of cancellation as this will affect your ability to book here in the future.  


Vendors will need a water key (pictured below, available at any plumbing store) to access the water.

For vendors wanting to access the power, here is what the elctrical looks like for any needed adapters.