What We Do

The Washington State Food Truck Association, was officially launched in April of 2015, and is a member services organization.  We advocate on behalf of all our mobile food members to help them succeed in this very competitive industry.  We aim to serve as a central hub of communication & information, an event & catering referral and information source, and will provide local and state-level proactive lobbying and advocacy.

We help new vendors get started in the industry, work cooperatively with municipalities and governmental agencies to review codes, ordinances and procedures so they can better address the realities of the industry, and we use our strength in numbers to provide members with better prices on supplies and services all food trucks use.

Executive Director

Our Board of Advisers

The following individuals have kindly agreed to join our Board of Advisers. They are not responsible for any actions made by the Washington State Food Truck Association, but they are willing to share their knowledge and guidance.

Tim Johnson, Consultant & Lobbyist - Northwest Policy Group, LLC

Matt Geller, President - National Food Truck Association

Wayne Mascotti, Food Trailer & Restaurant Owner - Cathouse Pizza

Nick Parisi, Food Truck & Restaurant Owner - Athena's

Farshid Varamini, Restaurant & Food Truck Owner - People's Burger

Jen Gustin, Food Truck Owner - Boss Mamas Kitchen

Richard Houle, Food Truck Chef & - Culinary Program Director

Emily Wigley, Food Truck Owner - Orca Eats

Turan Wright, Restaurant & Food Truck Owner - Silver Spork

Adam Gold, Retired Food Network Executive