Washington State Food Truck Association

~ Advocating for Mobile Food Justice ~


 The Washington State Food Truck Association was officially launched in April of 2015, as an advocacy organization, hoping to help food trucks succeed in this very competitive industry.  We aim to serve as a central hub of communication & information, a catering referral & information source, and will provide local and state-level proactive lobbying and advocacy. 


If you own/operate a mobile food business please support your own economic interests, and that of your fellow mobile food vendors, by becoming a member of the Association today. Don’t be left out of the conversation as we work to move the Washington State mobile food industry forward.  Without your participation, this much needed state association will not be as successful.  If you look at what is happening around the country, and even in parts of our own state, the threats and challenges to this industry are very real, but we are ready for the fight.  Will you join us? 


Street Vendors:  does your city have laws that seem designed to keep you from competing with other businesses? Do these laws make it difficult—or even impossible—for you to run your business?

If so, please e-mail us. 

MEMBERS ONLY section includes:

  • RESOURCES - links to helpful information for new start-ups and existing vendors, including:  funding sources, equipment suppliers, discounted insurance program, fire safety, education, business tips, software applications, books, articles, other industry news sources, marketing ideas, etc.
  • FORUM - members can voice their opinions on current issues, trade tips & suggestions, and offer topics for discussion in an interactive closed Facebook discussion group. This is also where the Association distributes member news, catering and event referrals.
  • ADVOCACY - information and monthly updates regarding state and local government legislation, regulatory activity and policy changes we are working on. Members also receive legislative updates via email.

Additional Benefits for Members: 

  • DIRECTORY LISTING - hungry customers and event planners can find food trucks in their city, in our "Find Food Trucks" page.
  • CATERING REFERRALS - event planners, corporations, and city planning departments will be provided with contact info for member vendors in their area.
  • ADVANCE NOTICE - members will receive notice of new events before they get listed on the website.
  • MEMBER DISCOUNT - MFV (Mobile Food Vendor) Insurance Policy and GoPai  mobile swipe payment systems.

Association Plans:


  • Group-rate health insurance for members.
  • Washington State Food Truck Association Culinary Scholarship.
  • Offer discount programs specific to mobile food vending.
  • Host “cook-off” events for revenue and marketing.
  • Annual Washington State Food Truck convention.
  • Annual food truck awards

References for cities who want to build better food truck laws:


Food Truck Freedom - Institute for Justice

Seven Myths & Realities About Food Trucks - Institute for Justice's National Street Vending Initiative

National League of Cities - Helping City Leaders Build Better Communities: Food on Wheels

On the Go: Insights Into Food Truck Regulation - Harvard Kennedy School

Streets of Dreams: How Cities Can Create Economic Opportunity  - Institute for Justice


"Restaurateurs complain that food trucks threaten their business. The evidence suggests otherwise. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, counties that have experienced higher growth in mobile-food services have also had quicker growth in their restaurant and catering businesses. Since 2010, the number of restaurants in Seattle and surrounding King County has grown by 16% in spite of a thriving food-truck scene." 

Reference:  The Economist