The Washington State Food Truck Association was officially launched in April of 2015,

as an advocacy organization, hoping to help all mobile food onwers succeed in this very competitive industry.  We aim to serve as a central hub of communication & information,

an event & catering referral and information source, and will provide local and state-level proactive lobbying and advocacy.

Join the Association

Membership is offered to current mobile food vendors and to those in the start-up process.

Learn more about the resources and benefits of membership here.

Information for organizers planning your own public event

Event planners for city festivals, community gatherings, fund raisers, music festivals, farmers markets, etc. can find valuable information when booking food trucks here.

Our Sponsors and Preferred Providers:

We are a proud member of....

The National Food Truck Association, organized by a group of regional food truck associations to leverage their experience and knowledge to ensure that food trucks from coast to coast are provided great resources and access to information. Our goal is to not only support food truck owners but to also act as a singular point of contact for the public looking to hire food trucks anywhere in the Nation.

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