One-on-One Consulting with the Director of the Association

By phone or in person (pending the time & area).  Below are some common topics: 

New Vendors -  If you are new to the food truck industry and would like some help getting started, we can offer:  guidance on state and local laws, rules, and ordinances, help you navigate the sometimes complex permitting process, and help you make some key decisions and avoid costly mistakes.  Plus many other tips and suggestions.  “Many of our current members started with a 1-hour session, and they tell us that it made a huge difference, helped them avoid making costly mistakes, and it saved them hours of time.”

Existing Vendors -   If you are an existing mobile vendor, and would like some advice on how to improve your business, we can offer consulting on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:  establishing the best locations, branding, menu selection, pricing, event participation, and optimal use of social media.  Plus many other tips and suggestions.  

Event Planners  -  There are many logistical concerns that are different when using food trucks over the typical food vendor (e.g. fire safety, city code, county regs, permits, etc.).  Learn how to find and book the best local food trucks, understand how to properly compensate mobile vendors, and learn how to navigate the often complicated event coordinating process and avoid jeopardizing the success of your event.  

City Guidance - If you are looking to start your own food truck pod and need help working with city government?  Or, are you in local government and would like resource and logistical information for revising existing mobile food vendor codes or drafting a new ordinance?  We can give you guidance based on the Institute for Justice’s recommendations and what has worked in other similar geographic areas.

Builders & Property Developers -

Please include some information in your email regarding your current situation and any specific questions or concerns that you would like to discuss during your consultation. Providing us with this information will help us better prepare for your consulting session, thereby, increasing the amount and the applicability of the information that we provide. 

Consulting sessions are paid in advance at a rate of $120.00 per hour, with a 1-hour minimum.  

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