Vendor Policy Terms & Conditions

Vendors participating in our Pod/Lot and Event Management Program must agree to the following Terms & Conditions. Failure to adhere to these could result in the vendor being permanently removed from the program. (The membership has collectively voted for a 2-strikes your out policy.)

  • Insurance: You must hold a Commercial General Liability insurance policy (for third party property damage, bodily injury, personal and advertising injury, and medical payments in an amount which is not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 in the annual general aggregate, and your COI must be emailed to us to be kept on file before you vend.

  • Report in: You are required to report in your ticket numbers so we may evaluate if a location is in need of more promotions, a greater variety of cuisine, less or more vendors, etc. Your reporting also help us keep other vendors informed on what to expect at any one location. Lot management takes teamwork!

  • Failure To Show: If you are unable to vend during your scheduled date/time, you must give us at least 24-hours prior notice and, if possible, help us find another vendor to replace you. Vendors can NOT miss more than three scheduled Pod/Lot services and no more than one special event. “No show” trucks are the number one complaint from venues, and they can jeopardize our ability to continue booking vendors at that location.

  • Compliance: Vendors will be in full compliance with all state and local laws, codes and ordinances. If you are an association member and have questions about your compliance, contact us for help. If you are not an association member please contact the relevant state or local government entity for assistance.

  • Leave No Trace Behind: we require trucks to pick up, remove and dispose of all trash or refuse which consists of materials originally dispensed from the mobile unit/catering truck and to provide a litter receptacle which is clearly intended for use by patrons. We also highly encourage vendors to use recyclable and/or compostable containers and utensils.

  • Behavior & Etiquette: Always be respectful and polite to those hosting and/or providing the venue. Be courteous and respectful to your fellow mobile vendors. Handle even the smallest of disputes away from the venue. Do NOT contact the association to mediate your disputes. You are business professionals and adults, please act accordingly. Your conduct can help, or harm, the reputation of our industry and this association. Currently, food trucks have a pretty good reputation with state and local governments, which helps our ability to influence various policies and regulations.

  • Appearances: Please keep your mobile unit as clean as possible as we all know this is required by the health department.

  • Public Spaces: The surface of the public place must not be altered in anyway. Food vehicles may not be unattended in the public place for longer than 30-minutes. Vendors are responsible for ensuring drip-pans are placed under truck engines & generators, and do not leave any markings/drippings/grease, permanent or temporary to the public property. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that customer or vending activities do not encroach into the roadway; or cause pedestrians to divert from the abutting pedestrian zone. Vendors must not conduct business in such a way as to: restrict or interfere with the ingress or egress of the abutting property owner or tenant; create or become a nuisance or hazard to public health, safety, or welfare; increase traffic congestion or delay; or constitute an obstruction to adequate access to fire, police, or sanitation vehicles.